The 31-Day Prep Course

Learn everything you need to know to hit the ground running for your next 31-day writing series.

A 31-day series is more than just writing blog posts. You need to choose the right topic, create a landing page, design an eye-catching button, set up a Pinterest board, make sure your email list is ready to go, design a FREEBIE and so much more.

If you have attempted a series in the past but failed why not take the steps needed to be a success this year?You can cruise through all 31 days by doing the behind-the-scenes work ahead of time. This course will help you plan out each element and then get them done with step-by-step instructions. 

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A topic
  • Working titles for 31 posts
  • A basic outline for 31 posts
  • Hints for getting an email campaign designed and ready to go on MailChimp
  • A FREEBIE for new readers
  • Two buttons - one for the link up and one for your blog
  • Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook templates
  • A watermark for all of your graphics.
  • A Pinterest board on which to publish your daily posts
  • An updated About page
  • An index page for your daily posts


Whether you plan to write your posts ahead of time or on the fly each day you can take care of the extra details ahead of time and be on your way to finishing the race strong.


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